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One-to-One Tuition

Elite Music Academy Australia offers top-quality tuition in these areas:

  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Voice
  • Guitar/Bass
  • Woodwind
  • Strings
  • Drums/Percussion

Instrumental lessons typically range from thirty minutes, forty-five minutes or an hour and are generally given weekly during term time (the Academy terms follow the NSW government’s school term schedule), although holiday classes are also available.

Students have the choice of attending their lessons at the academy or from the comfort of their homes via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Tune Your Musical Ear

music theory class

Solfege class is arguably the most important of all the classes at Elite Music Academy. It seems like an obvious statement: a musician is only as good as his or her ears. But it is ironic that the most effective way to develop a musical ear is away from the instrument, and unfortunate that there exists little scope to undertake such systematic training in a weekly instrumental lesson.

The Elite Music Academy helps students to acquire and develop their aural skills through systematic training in the central European system of solfege, which involves singing, musical dictation, and conducting. The group setting makes for a fun and interactive class.

Beginner Group Classes

For many people regardless of age, group beginner classes represent an ideal, enjoyable and cost-effective introduction to an instrument. With emphasis at the outset upon the social aspects of music making and learning, these classes can be a powerful motivator.

New classes form and commence each month. Prospective students register their interest in advance.

We are proud to offer beginner group classes in:

  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Violin

Elite Music is proud to be the home of the Elite Violin Academy, or EVA, a preeminent destination for violin study, which caters for all ages and all levels of experience.

EVA’s hugely popular beginner course for violin is designed for both mature-age students and children and is based around EVA’s very own EVA Violin Course.

Please take a look over EVA’s own website to learn more about this new and exciting method of music learning.

Ensemble & Band

Concert ensemble

For most students, ensemble or band work is the most fun and rewarding aspect of learning an instrument. It is also a great way to form friendships with other students. For beginner students (AMEB prelim to grade 1), class is more of a mini orchestral or band experience, and the number of participants is not capped. More advanced students (AMEB grade 2+) will be placed into smaller groups – duos, trios, and quartets – to explore more specialised chamber, contemporary or popular music repertoire. All participants will have the opportunity to perform their pieces in concert, either at the end of the year or at other events.

Master Music Theory

music theory class

The more a student advances with their instrument, the more essential a developing understanding of music becomes for continuing progress, enjoyment and success. Indeed, for exam success, theory is critical. As with aural training and solfege, there is just not enough time within a weekly lesson to address this important area with any degree of adequacy.

Our theory classes make this driest of subject areas fun. Students can work through material from week to week in a systematic and engaging way, guided every step of the way by an instructor.


Performance class is really a master class, in which students who have prepared pieces to a high level perform them for their peers. By simulating a concert environment this class provides invaluable experience for students who aspire to perform well and have fun in the process. At the conclusion of each performance, the student receives coaching from the teacher and the opportunity to try sections and techniques again in front of the audience. These classes foster a supportive, nurturing performance environment, which helps students to become more comfortable and confident in the art of performing – a great life skill!